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This is what we believe.

 1.) Educate not SELL!!!!

We do this by conducting Medicare 101 presentations all over the Las Vegas Valley. Check  our EVENT PAGE for a location and an event near YOU...

2.) Present all the options in an unbiased format.

*Original Medicare with a Drug Plan and a Supplement

*All in one Medicare Advantage Plans.

Its your choice and not just what your Doctor accepts or wants.

3.) Make it easy to do business with us.  

We are available 365 days a year not just during Medicare Annual Enrollment season.  We know that there are people "Turning 65" daily that need to "Get Ready for Medicare" along with people that are already in Medicare.  Each group has different needs and wants and we offer presentations to answer each of their needs.

We will even come to your home and provide a consultation at "NO COST to YOU."


4.) Truly be an Independent broker

We exhibit this throughout the year by conducting our "LetsTalkMedicare" informational talks with many community partners and our City affiliations inform beneficiaries whether they have "Original Medicare" or "Medicare Advantage about the issues and concerns in the Medicare System.  We do not talk Medicare and then promote Medicare Advantage because we understand There is a Difference , not in benefits, but in how you access these benefits which is YOUR CHOICE. Our access to all the private insurance carriers and companies allows us to do this.